Expect Change...


Individual Counselling

Counselling Options:  In my counselling office, face-time or by phone. 

I work collaboratively to help you identify and achieve your counselling goals. Some of the challenges that you may be facing or have faced are: stress and anxiety, depression, fear, anger, abuse, trauma, loss and grief, self-esteem, life transitions and mental health challenges. 

No matter how difficult it may seem right now, as we journey together you will begin to feel hope for a brighter future. You can achieve your counselling goals!


Couple and Marriage Counselling

Counselling Options: In my counselling office. A variety of off-site workshops will also be available.

So many challenges come our way as a couple, be it married or unmarried. Some of the areas that I have helped couples in and that you may be experiencing right now are:  infidelity, betrayal, pornography addiction, relationship expectations, cultural differences, intimacy, loss and trauma.

When I have counselled couples in these challenges, it was often that their hearts were hurting and the pain was unbearable. However with each step they took there was another glimmer of hope until the light was completely on again! 


Family Counselling

Counselling Options: In my counselling office. Additional counselling may be recommended to accommodate all family members.

All families face ups and downs and it does not matter if you live as a nulear family or a blended family, it can be challenging to live with so many differences and so many views within your family system. I have helped families in the following areas:  blended family challenges, parenting, working through the developmental stages of life as well as in loss and grief.

I believe in the "Family Systems" approach to counselling. Family is were we first learn about love and belonging. I enjoy this approach and have seen great results in building happier relationships and families!

Managing Change ~ Workshops

Couple and Marriage


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Couple Workshops and Seminars

Together we will journey to a better place.

Information regarding workshops and seminars will include prices, dates and duration. Sign up on the "Home" page of this website to receive information on future workshops and seminars.

Relationship Building


Workshops and Seminars topics include: 

How to connect, intimacy, attachment issues, boundaries, love and respect.

Each step along the way can bring you closer together.

Parenting Through the Changes


New Beginnings Workshops

Parenting ~ Body Image ~ Relationship

You wanted a baby and thought "how glorious it will be" and you really believe that it is! But what about all the other stuff they didn't tell you about? Where is my husband? Why am I not feeling happy? What happened to my body? 

Changes CAN bring joy! 

Managing Change


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Managing change, working through life's challenges, career change, loss and grief, identity challenges, life transitions (moving away from home, getting married, retirement, divorce and re-marriage. 

Workshops includes one hour free counselling session post-workshop.

Mental Health Challenges


Information workshops and referrals to other programs will be available.

There are many types of mental health challenges. Here is a list of some: anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder.

Awareness is the key to change!

Child and Youth


Psycho-education workshops with a one-hour free counselling session post workshop.

Bullying counselling, self-esteem counselling and workshops. Exposure therapy for working through fear, trauma counselling.

How is your relationship with your child or youth? How's your relationship with your spouse or extended family?  

Together we can look at the heart of the matter!

How does it work?

How do the counselling sessions work?

The aim is for each session to be approximately 50 minutes in duration. There is some flexibility to this. The next session is booked at the end of each session. 

What about my counselling goals?

Your counselling goals are important and is the purpose you have come to counselling. We work on defining a clear counselling goal. Additional counselling goals may arise and a new plan will be discussed if this becomes necessary.

What about Fees?

Fees are discussed at the time of your initial intake session. The cost of each session is to be paid at the end of each session. Currently, I work on a sliding scale based on many factors and will be determined at the initial intake session.

What about Insurance coverage?

Check with your Insurance plan what kind of insurance coverage you have and the details of what credentials your insurance company is requesting.

What are your credentials?

I have a Masters degree in counselling at Tyndale University College and Seminary. I am also classified as a mental health professional with the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrics and Psychotherapists. I am a member of the College of Psychotherapy of Ontario (CRPO) and in the process of completing my designation as a Registered Psychotherapist.

How long will my counselling take?

Counselling varies for a variety of reasons. A plan is discussed at intake or at the first session to determine how many sessions it may take.